Friday, 6 February 2015

NFP's are like

NFPs are like a beaujolais nouveau. Over hyped, never as expected and forgotten within a week.

NFPs are like a lottery draw. Pick the winning numbers and they'll still be a reason you don't get payed out.

NFPs are like blackened cod. Discussed and anticipated for days before but turn out disappointing and fishy.

NFPs are unlike lightbulbs. It only takes one economist to change them.

NFPs are like snow in England. Rarely as forecast, cause chaos on arrival, but forgotten by the following day.

NFPs are to Fed forecasting as Punxsutawney Phil is to weather forecasting.

NFPs are like the Super Bowl. A small portion of the global population go nuts over them and the rest wonder why. 

NFPs are like lies. The bigger they are the less folks believe them.

NFPs are like Hershey Chocolate. What they consist of is subject to constant debate, the only agreement being that most of it is artificial.

NFPs are like roadworks. Everything stops miles ahead but once you get to them there's no action and nothing to see.

NFPs are like soviet era shop queues. You join in the wait as there must be something worth waiting for. But there isn't.

NFPs are like... well,.. they come every month and are a bloody mess.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Polemic, that made my day !