Saturday, 14 February 2015

Macbeth's Oil Bear Witch Project.

A few big names are continuing to call oil lower and cries of $20 are still rife. Now whilst this may indeed occur at some point in the future, their behaviour is beginning to appear Shakespearean with their now infamous lines learnt by rote by all financial commentators.

So here are Macbeth's weird sisters (For the non-Shakesperean the original is here).

Thrice the Saudi Oil Min mew's.

Thrice and once, the hedge-fund whined.

Bear cries:—'tis time! 'tis time!

Down and down oil futures go;
In the poison'd longs throw.
Oil from newly fractured stone,
Margins pared back to the bone;
Swelter'd longs caught sleeping got,
Oil thou'st cursed, just sell the lot!

Double, double oil in trouble;
Prices burn, and frackers struggle

Saudi pumps for Saudi’s sake,
All the rest no profits make;
Rise of new tech on a plug
Fall of Nat, oil sands undug
OPEC talk makes hedges sing,
Sell the call and own the wing,
For a charm of powerful trouble,
Like a hell-broth, oil’s a bubble.

Double, double oil in trouble;
Prices burn, and frackers struggle

China’s growth a toothless wolf;
Supply still pours out of the Gulf
Russia, squeeze the dangerous shark;
Keep Nigeria in the dark;
Global usage falls, it's true
Solar brings new charge to you.
The Stans’ supply, Qatar's eclipse;
Now the Turk, Tartar oil sips;
Figure now birth-strangled Frack
Their new flow begins to crack
Add thereto the Tiger's slowdown,
For the ingrediants of our caldron.

Double, double oil in trouble;
Prices fall, and frackers struggle.

Cool it with producer blood,
Our $20 call is firm and good.

However that is not as it is playing out so far, so to continue for now 

But yet the witch, finds potion weak
A new solution she must seek
For oil now trades at annual highs
To bear witch's great surprise

"It's but a squeeze, don't you fret
20 bucks we'll get to yet"
But the crowd think she's a fool
And call her to the ducking stool


Jim said...

Well done!

hipper said...

Magnificently brilliant, thanks. And what did these guys tell us earlier about oil, just a month before the slide started, hmmmm lets see...

Looks like we're pretty far off from their earlier prediction. Could that be a similiar case again, 6 months from now? :-)