Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Yesterday, 'long' was such an easy game to play.

With apologies to John Lennon's  'Yesterday'

Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away.
Stocks looked as though they were here to stay.
Oh, I believed it yesterday.

Suddenly, I can’t sell, there's no liquidity
There's no bid left in the S+P
Oh, hell, we need some new QE.

Why it had to blow, to new low, on my display
This damn model's wrong, now I'm long from yesterday.

Yesterday, 'long' was such an easy game to play.
Thought it was just some gamma decay.
Oh, I believed the bounce today.

Why it fell so low, I don't know, I’m in dismay
I marked risk so wrong, now I'm long from yesterday.

Yesterday long was such an easy game to play.
Now I need a place to hide away
Before they call the FCA


Still holding tight to that long.

The only thing I can report of joy was the meal that I took the family out for this evening as way of taking retribution against the markets. It has been a while since I last mentioned dining establishments, the last one being to slate Aqua Nueva in London, but it is time I redressed the balance. 

I have just enjoyed the best meal I have had for years and years. To be honest I wasn't expecting it, even though the establishment does have a Michelin star, as I thought there was only so much you could do as a fish restaurant. Boy was I wrong. Go to 'Angler', near Moorgate in London, for their tasting menu. I was blown away. I'd like to say tell them 'Polemic' sent you, but they wouldn't have a clue who that is, but you could try.


Unclear Wessels said...

Any similar advice on eateries in the South-West?

Polemic said...

Unclear Wessels - YThe Seahorse, Mitch Tonk's place in Dartmouth. Go for the 'locals lunch' ridiculously good value at £20 for 2 courses of Michelin quality seafood. Or Nathan Outlaw (was in Rock, moved to Port Isaac) excellent.

Unclear Wessels said...

Brilliant. Am almost equidistant from both - one to West of me, one to the South!