Saturday, 13 June 2015

Europa's Tower

A quick Saturday poem -

Europa's Tower

Visionary, silent, mountain topped
Sauron eyed, a clock that’s stopped
Crack whip to rouse the sleeping flock
Call the mass, yet listen not.

Cross the bridge when bridges come
Acknowledge not that they're the sum
Of mismatched goals and strident plan
To tether all. Man by man.

Deep dungeons home repress’d thought
The minds which free could not be bought
All gathered dark, now coven plot
Bring down the tower and stop the rot

A creak, a groan, earth tremors make
As ancient forces, tower shake
Shackled wills, stress break free
Foundations shake cracked ivory.

Master’s will, it will be told
Though brave and honoured was too bold
As boiling magma deep below
Wells and fuels volcanic show.

Scorched before and scorched again
The plans for one Euro'pean.
Oh barren ash, oh fertile ground
Spread fresh seed, let life found

Polemic Paine

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