Monday, 18 May 2015

Compare and Contrast

As the markets are little dull today and we are in the midst of school exam time I thought I would ask some of my own 'compare and contrast' questions.

Compare and contrast.

The amount of noise about Greek bonds falling, which hardly anyone owns.
The lack of noise about US bonds falling, which nearly the whole world owns.

The 20mins you will be able to save via a new £22bio UK high speed train.
The time it takes to get to and from a city centre train station with all your luggage.

The cost of flying business class around the world.
The cost of economy and a handful of Zopiclone.

The amount of time you spend arguing for a better spread on a trade.
How far the price has moved against you during you doing so.

The cost of a taxi fare for the 20 miles to the airport.
The cost of the flight for the next 1500 miles.

The number of column inches in the UK press dedicated to infighting amongst political parties who are irrelevant for the next 5 years.
The number of column inches dedicated to the Nepal Earthquake.

The amount of time spent Fed watching.
The amount of time you could have been in the pub.

The cost and degradation of employing cameras to film nurses administering drugs, or in insisting on two nurses if it's insulin.
The chances of another nurse being a murderer by insulin like Victorino Chau.

The cost and degradation of employing cameras to film politicians every time they pay for something on expenses.
The chances of another politican fiddling their expenses.

The amount of money your company spends making your job stressful.
The amount of money your company spends on advising you how to cope with stress in the workplace.

The amount of time you spend on 360 degree appraisals.
The amount of time you spend negotiating reciprocity.

The time spent finding the best FX rate for your holiday money.
The amount of money you saved relative to your ultimate holiday bar bill.

How much more you spent on that ‘bottom right of the wine list’ bottle of wine.
How much you could really taste the difference.

The carbon emissions prevented by well off do-gooders.
The carbon emissions from the bar’s patio/umbrella heater under which they discuss such matters over a Viognier.

The expense and time middle age men spend on top-end HiFi systems.
The natural age deterioration of their hearing which leaves them unable to hear the frequencies they are paying extra for.

The colours of the rainbow.
The colour palette of current interior designers.

The amount of data you think the internet has on you.
How wrong the UK opinion polls were.

The cooling effects of using a large electric fan in a closed room.
The heating effects of using a large electric fan in a closed room.

The price margins deemed outrageous in financial markets.
The price margins deemed acceptable on a restaurant bottle of wine.

The need for a dress code banning jeans at golf clubs.
The allowance of lime green polyester slacks and canary yellow shirts made from oil at golf clubs.

The amount spent on preventing the public from doing things.
The amount spent by the public in tax on doing those things.

The time it takes to put scatter cushions on a bed and take them off again.
The purpose of scatter cushions.

The benefits of an AGA range.
The benefits of leaving your normal stove on all day instead.


Anonymous said...

Given your comments in MM are you then out of your Bund Short? Compare and contrast Polemic's positioning in Bunds with that of the CTA market.

Polemic said...

HA, thanks anon.
Taken back a chunk of the short Bund pos as we have had the reality adjustment but holding on to some as a core -ve bonds general view.