Friday, 14 November 2014

Strange Correlations

Everyone likes a good correlation and whilst perusing a favourite site, 'spurious correlations' , I came across two topical ones. One involving oil imports and one involving non-commercial space launches (in regard to the most amazing Rosetta probe achievements).

But I have spotted one or two of my own recently. Sorry I haven't got  charts for them but through intuition, if not maths, I am pretty sure they are highly correlating. So do with them what you will.  - 

The price of oil and the distance between the Rosetta probe and comet 67P. (The Rosseta probe/comet distance leading oil prices by a about a week).

The number of poppies around the Tower of London and rainfall levels in the South West of England.

Global leaders in star trek outfits and the level of global tensions.

Number of times a politician says "Let me make this very clear” with how unclear what they are about to say is.

The number of tanks that are entering the Ukraine from Russia with the amount of tanks that Russia says are not.

The amount of action the Japanese take to stimulate their economy and the amount the Europeans don’t.

The height of leaves above the ground in autumn and the price of oil.

The popularity of bankers and  the pulse rate of Paul Newman.

The size of the Bank of Japan’s balance sheet and the distance from earth of Voyager 1.

The expansion of the universe and how long it takes to speak to a human at an EE phone company call centre.

The propensity for a driver to wear a hat whilst driving and the number of cars stuck behind that driver.

The percentage of bears who populate blog commentary forums and the percentage of bears that shit in a forest.

The price of rail fares in the UK and the rate of deflation in everything else.

The luck of Mark Carney in leaving the Bank of Canada for the BoE and the economic outlook of UK less that of Canada.

The celebrityness of celebrities on 'Help I’m a celebrity get me out of here’ and the number of ebola cases in the US.

Unemployment levels in Spain and the interest rate you pay on a credit card.

The number of times you have to say hello to your wife when answering the phone when busy in order to have said hello nicely enough and the complexity of the task you were busy doing when the phone rang.

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