Monday, 30 March 2015

Greek Dictionary

We all know about Grexits, but it is probably worth covering all further derivations of the Grex meme.

Grexcell - How good the Greeks are at avoiding tax.

Grextacy - The feeling Greece has when an EU payment arrives.

Grexcitable - The market when it comes to Greek deadlines.

Grexodus - Bob Marlios song about the movement of da Greek people to Germany

Grexistentialism - Greek philosophy characterised by what has been called "the Grexistential attitude", or a sense of disorientation and confusion in the face of an apparently meaningless or absurd world.

Grexposed - EU discovery that Greece never had any money.

Grexploited - What both sides are feeling.

Grextortion - What both sides feel the other is applying.

Grexwife - Merkel

Grextraction - EU attempt to receive a debt repayment.

Grexception - What Greece hope the EU will make when it comes to the rules.

Grexcessive - Greek Debt.

Grexchange - What Greece would like to do with their debt, preferably for a Grexpectation.

Grexpectation - What Greece offers instead of a promise. See Dickens' novel "Eat Grexpectations"

Grexcitement - The short lived Greek hope after the election of Tsipras.

Grexcluded - Greece’s invitation to the EU christmas party.

Grexcreta - What Greek bank shareholders can expect to hit the Grextractor fan

Grexcentric - The behaviour of the Greek Finance Minster

Grexcrutiating - The whole process.

Grexcellent - The weather rather than the outlook.

Grexcuses - Greek explanations.

Grexplanations - Greek esoteric theory that bypasses reality.

Grexcursion - The trip Greece may be making out of the EU.

Grexpulsion  - The German for Grexit.

Grexaltations - German mood after a Grexpulsion.

Grexecution - Greece carrying out a plan, charactised by the infinite time it takes.

Grexparrot - Monty Python's definition of Greece

Grextrapolation - Assumptions as to what other peripheries will to do on a Grexit.

Grexotic - A Greek proposal

Grexclaimation - An EU response to a Greek proposal.

Grexuvia - The remains of the exoskeleton that is left after the EU has sloughed off Greece

Tyrannosaurus Grex - What Greece likes to think it is to the soft underbelly of European cohesion.


hipper said...

Grexaggeration - Greek reform

Grextraordinary - a materialized Greek reform

Grexamination - Troika/Greek relationship

Grexemplary - Greek debt extension request arriving promptly as promised

Grexemption - a Greek debt obligation

Grexpensive - a Greek budget

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