Friday, 15 August 2014

Innocent Aid - Secured.

If I were Putin I‘d drive a huge convoy of aid trucks around the country gathering, like the Pied Piper, moral support along the way. The longer they parade, the higher the status they gain as humanitarian and morally good. They would be packed with bona fide aid materials, devoid of any military equipment (as this is truly aid) and the nations of the world would be allowed to fully inspect them to rubber stamp the validity of this humanitarian action.

Then I’d drive them into Ukraine to provide succour for the suffering innocents. However to protect this saintly mission security support would naturally have to be provided (as we can all see, this is a very violent environment) to protect not only the aid trucks but also those receiving it. Perhaps a tank or two, or three per truck. Well, you can never be too safe.

An Aid truck and its logistical support

I then split up the convoy deploying individual trucks of aid, together with their own protective force, to wherever fighting is most intense as obviously that is where aid is most needed. Once there, the truck’s escort of security will do its best to restore peace so that aid can be distributed. Obligingly the rebel side would desist from action leaving the only potential aggressor as Ukrainian forces who now have the choice of desisting or carrying on the aggression only to be countered by the Aid trucks security assistance. If the Ukrainian forces desist then naturally it would make sense for the aid trucks to push on to extend their aid services to others, Any aggression against the aid truck being swiftly dealt with by its protective swarm of T-90 battle tanks and air cover. Of course any resulting casualties on the Ukrainian side would need further aid thus justifying a further push west.

If the aid trucks were to stumble in their purpose then they would swiftly be reinforced by the Airborn Special Nun Service meting out their own form of moral rectitude.

Who could possibly morally deny this humanitarian aid to those who deserve it?

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