Saturday, 16 August 2014

FX Employee Survey - How's life in the trenches?

I thought it time to give my old profession a chance to air how they feel about the state of the jobs market in sell-side FX these days. We have all had to fill in work related satisfaction surveys but we all also knew that they were not as anonymous as they promised (how else would HR know to send you an email reminding you that you haven't filled it in). This IS completely anonymous, no log-ins etc. which actually makes it less reliable as anyone could fill it in. But I trust folks to be honest.

I have set this up so everyone can see the collated results/answers as they come in, so the benefit of doing it will be to see those results. Please pass on to anyone in the industry so we can get a representative feel of what the mood is like.

The analysis of the responses IS HERE

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