Monday, 11 January 2016


Welcome to Notwitter. The site where you don't publish all the things you shouldn't say. Where the things that should remain silent, remain silent. The antidote to twitter.

Technology - 

Our servers are the fastest on the planet and yet the greenest, using no energy to store the globe's countless things not said. Our quantum algorithms compress all of that data to a mind-blowing 0 bytes.

Notwitter currently contains 60% of everything that the globe has decided not to express. Within 5 years that will be 99%. This makes Notwitter the most comprehensive database for the marketing and profiling of nothing on the planet. Should you wish to join us on our exciting journey there will be an Initial Public Offering pricing the company at $15,000,000,000.

User guide. 

To not post that thing you nearly wanted to say but thankfully realised you shouldn't -

1. Just don't press the button that isn't there but if it was would be marked Notweet.

2. Don't even think about it

3. Press 'page back'.

4. Continue with what you were doing before you had that thought.

To search -

Our retinal and neural telepathy algorithms allow the user to search for any notweet just by staring at the screen. The relevant nothing will appear.

Below is a constant stream of user notweets. Scroll to view. Enjoy!


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Brilliant comments- . well not said!