Tuesday, 13 October 2015

A SPX oddity - Fortress style

“2001 - a  SPX Oddity" grew to become the David Bowie song a 'SPX oddity' But it is all the more pertinent with a Mr Mike Novogratz having his fund at Fortress closed down. So this is for him.

Risk Control to Major Mike
Risk Control to Major Mike
Take your pro-plus pills
And put your best trade on.

Risk Control to Major Mike
Commencing countdown,
Euroswiss on
Don’t let the markets f*k with you

AUM - Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One… 

This is Risk Control
To Major Mike
You've really bust the trade
The SEC want to know whose shirt to tear
Now it's time to leave the company
If you care

This is Major Mike to Risk Control
I'm stepping on the floor
But the price is floating
In a most peculiar way
And the stocks look very different today

For here
In my really shit position
Far above the bid
Markets have the flu
But I don’t own the skew

nah nanah nanah nah nah

Though I'm passed
Three hundred million bucks
I'm feeling very ill
And I think my hedge fund knows which way I'll go
Tell my broker, I never liked him much
he knows.

Risk Control to Major Mike
The options dead
The expiry's gone 
Can you hear me, Major Mike?
Can you hear me, Major Mike?
Can you hear me, Major Mike?
Can you....

Here am I floating
Round the wine bars
Far away from funds
I don’t know what to do
Maybe guest on Channel 2?

(with thanks to @Zatapatique for giving me the idea and a couple of lines)

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