Monday, 14 April 2014

Questions Questions Questions!

Will EU QE be more like US QE or Abenomics or something else?

If it's something else could Euro actually go up on EUQE due to bond portfolio inflows, stimulus to growth stocks or just a credit improvement as rubbish is bought?

If the EU are targeting FX levels and yet they have a projected growing current account surplus is it going to reignite the battle of EUR/CHF where Switzerland are also battling a strong c/a ?

How swiftly will any IMF Ukraine money end up in Putin's back pocket through him squeezing them dry through Gas prices?

Should there be a cut off in how far back historic ethnicity or past land ownership can be realistically considered in current disputes (and should any country that has 100% inheritance tax be allowed them at all) ?

Are the US's warnings to the world on various issues becoming a little thin?

Am I right to be losing faith in all sides of the Ukraine issue?

If Scotland devolves what happens if the occupants of the Scottish Borders decide they want to be part of England? Does it go Crimea?

If independence wishes are fractal, how small can you go yet maintain rights to self determination? Kensington and Chelsea would have gone independent years ago on economic grounds. Remember "Passport to Pimlico"?

Will the BBC's economic editor Robert Peston declare an economic indicator and the level it needs to hit before he will admit the the UK is not a basket case.

Why are the UK's Liberal Democrats given so much relative airtime and assumed to be the 3rd party when they only have 7% popularity.

Is it possible for Nick Clegg or any Lib Demmer to consider that the UK could leave the EU and still do good trade with them (see Norway, Switzerland)?

When will someone declare Bitcoin mining environmentally unfriendly as they realise that the likes of KnCMiner's had a March Electricity bill of $450,000?

If all that electricity ends up as heat should Bitcoin miners instead sell subsidised electric room heaters to the poor in cold countries that are actually small Bitcoin mining computers sending their results back via mobile data?

How much extra CO2 gets breathed into the atmosphere by London Marathon runners and how much more environmentally friendly was I by lying still in the sun?

Why couldn't Samsung have made the Galaxy S5 just that little bit better to make it a no-brainer.

Why don't they fit silencers ( mufflers) to chain saws? Is it a man thing like the audio boost to engine noise in some cars?

Why don't car manufacturers build solar panels into the top of dashboards in cars to keep your battery topped up rather than use them just to melt your Mars Bars.

Is the south coast of Devon in the UK one of the most beautiful places on earth when the sun is shining?


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