Tuesday, 21 February 2017

PMI. Unlimited Supply

If the Sex Pistols ever did monetary economics. Their epic 'EMI' would have been more like this.. PMI

Cash in unlimited supply
And now here's the reason why
It was a monetary game
All the outcomes are the same

P M.I. P.M.I. P.M.I.

Too many people bought the monetary thrust
Too many people bought the ECB trust
An unlimited amount
Too many buyers on account

P.M.I. P.M.I. P.M.I.

Stock bears are crucified
Deflation has all but died
QE's an addition, only ruled by one
Draghi forever, ever, ever

You thought the central banks were faking
With all that money making
You didn't believe they're for real
But look, you buy their apperel!

Don't judge a bond by its cover
It's now all about one number
And blind acceptance of a sign
inflation's just a rising line

P.M.I. P.M.I. P.M.I.

Monetary expansion
With an unimited supply
That is the only reason
Any stock is a 'good buy'

French new high  P.M.I
Japan's a storming P.M.I.
I tell you this number is the game P.M.I.
Every country is the same P.M.I.
Inflation now the pressure P.M.I.
You didn't suss the monetary tool P.M.I.
Unlimited supply P.M.I.
Hallo P.M.I.

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