Tuesday, 8 April 2014


I have always had this blog ticking along as a form of self-indulgence aside from the Macro Man site where we expressed a generalised consensus "Team Macro Man" approach. Whilst I may have flagrantly at times hijacked that consensus with my own flippant offerings there was always the concern that I would besmirch (I probably did) the reputation of the site that was bequeathed to us by the original Macro Man. With his return and my own changes it now makes sense to crank this repository up from its past as home for lonely self-indulgent poems and emotional dumpage to being one to express more generalised stuff, mostly financial but there will be plenty of rants and strange reflections to temper the content.

One suggestion I may take up is to describe the transition from full time city desk hound to my new non-city occupation. Which is not as easy as I was hoping as the addictive grip of crowd behaviour and ticking charts is still apparent as new work colleagues are already enquiring what those green and red flickering bars in boxes on my screens are. Being without Bloomberg is the sorest miss and is testament to the stranglehold they have on market traditionalists though I know that the thousands of non-institutionalised traders have found many alternatives. I have a few but miss the comfort of the old trusty tool. And no, I'm not going to pay the $2k a month to have it.

However, writing about the move from City to "real job" may well be a hiding to nothing. If it's wonderful do those I left behind really want to hear that, being stuck for 14hrs a day at their desks? And if I give the impression that it's a worrying disaster where I'm completely out of my depth do I really want my new occupation to see through me this early in my new career? As such I will probably stay very quiet about where I am and what I do now and in Macro Man vagueness hopefully stay enough undercover not to be noticed. I will have to further trust those of you who do know my identity to stay very quiet. Please.

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