Saturday, 14 July 2012

Estuary at Dawn

 Light leaks upon the stoney quay
 Glassy dawn and sugar sea
 Crystal clear and still as we
 Dip blade that breaks tranquility

 Drip clunk the sound of oar in lock
 Drip clunk disturbs the silent flock
 Of gulls that sleep afloat, one eye
 Open checks as we pass by.

 Sleeps too the wrath the waters rake
 In storms of passion lives to take
 Yet now in slumber whisps aside
 Our passing over on the tide.

 Spike the mists the masts of yachts
 Move relative to dark backdrops.
 Onyx depths reflections tear
 Moored in glass and perfect air

 Smallest wake from passing drift
 Ghostly eddies, paddles lift
 Tis all that moves apart from hearts
 Stolen by these magic parts.

 Our passage nears the dew damped ketch
 Clinker built and old as oak.
 A hollow thunk as bow meets transom
 Ungainly balance breaks the calm.

 Still returns. Covers lifted
 Kettle sings, cabin misted
 Deep content marks rising sun
 For morning's come, yet not begun.